Your question: Is Spanish easy for Filipino?

Can Filipino Learn Spanish Fast?

After nearly 12 years teaching Spanish here, I have noticed Filipinos learn Spanish significantly faster than people from other countries. It might be because most of my students are multilingual, but it is undeniable the few thousands words Tagalog or Cebuano share with Spanish – numbers, days of the week, food, etc.

Is Spanish easy for Tagalog speakers?

Tagalog. Learning Tagalog is like learning Spanish for beginners. This is because Tagalog is the primary language of the Philippines. Spaniards in the past held the Philippines as a colony for over 300 years.

Is Spanish useful in Philippines?

But by 1987, Spanish in the Philippines was de-listed as a co-official language, alongside English and Filipino. Currently only about 0.5 per cent of the Philippines’ 100 million-strong population speaks Spanish; however, it’s still home to the most number of Spanish speakers in Asia.

What is the easiest language to learn for Filipino?

Spanish. This may not come as a surprise considering how far back our history with the Spaniards goes. That being said, Spanish is perhaps the easiest path to take when starting your language learning journey.

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How can I learn Spanish faster?

Here is my advice for people who want to learn Spanish quickly:

  1. Throw Yourself into a Place Where No One Speaks Your Language. …
  2. Take Latin in School or College. …
  3. Don’t Be Afraid of Making Mistakes – Just Keep Talking. …
  4. Take Individual Language Classes.

Is Spanish the easiest language to learn?

As English speakers, we can be thankful that Spanish pronunciations are one of the easiest to learn. Overall, Spanish has a shallow orthographic depth – meaning that most words are written as pronounced. This means that reading and writing in Spanish is a straightforward task.

What is the most hardest language to learn for non English speakers?

Japanese is ranked by the U.S. Foreign Services Institute as the most difficult language for native English speakers to learn. The institute uses the time it takes to learn a language to determine its difficulty 23-24 weeks for the easiest and 88 weeks for the hardest.

Why is it important to learn Spanish in the Philippines?

Spanish is the easiest to master because Filipino, to begin with, has at most 4,000 loaned Spanish words. Other languages, like Cebuano, have a few thousands more. So, if one speaks both, there are about 5,000 words to start from. … Learning Spanish is advantageous because it supplements English.

Why is it important to learn Spanish as a Filipino?

Having a knowledge of the language spoken in these countries would make you easier to travel around and communicate with the locals. Who knows, these might also be good places for a job opportunity. And since Filipinos are said to be all over the world, you might one of them soon!

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Is Spanish still spoken in the Philippines?

With the present Constitution Spanish was recognized as an auxiliary or “optional and voluntary language”. It was the language of the Philippine Revolution and the country’s first official language, as proclaimed in the Malolos Constitution of the First Philippine Republic in 1899.

Spanish language in the Philippines.

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