Where do families live in Barcelona?

Where should I not live in Barcelona?

This includes Eixample and Poblenou. No one barrio in Barcelona should be avoided at all costs. In general, all neighborhoods have plenty of safe areas to live in. However, parts of El Raval and the areas around the train station in the Sants barrio can be dodgy at night.

Is Barcelona good place to live for a family?

It’s a more peaceful area to live in than other central districts, with less traffic and tourists. It’s easily accessible by public transport, but getting around by car is not so convenient in Vila de Gràcia, as is almost pedestrian. The numerous plazas that dot the neighborhood make it a good area for the little ones.

Is Barcelona a good place to raise a family?

It genuinely is an amazing city to live in

Whatever its flaws – and every city has them – Barcelona is honestly a great place to live. Aside from its many sights, attractions and events, it’s the lifestyle and quality of life that most people appreciate.

What are the safest areas in Barcelona?

The safest areas are L’Eixample and Gràcia. The least safe are El Raval and the Gothic Quarter. This does not mean that you shouldn’t stay in El Raval or the Gothic Quarter. In fact, they are both vibrant hoods with some of the city’s top nightlife and restaurants.

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What is the average salary in Barcelona Spain?

The largest cities in Spain offer the highest average salaries

City Average Salary
Barcelona € 3,130
Madrid € 3,190
Valencia € 3,080
Málaga € 2,910

Is Barcelona expensive to live in?

Although one of the most expensive cities in Spain to live in, Barcelona is relatively cheap in comparison to other major European cities. Given its sandy beaches, iconic landmarks, and vibrant city life, it’s not totally surprising that it comes in at the more expensive end of Spain!