When should I drink cava in Spain?

How do you drink Freixenet cava?

Put water and ice into a bucket, insert the bottle and add a generous portion of salt. In 20-25 minutes the cava will be chilled and ready to serve!

What is the best cava in Spain?

Cellar Tours selection of the best Spanish cava brands

  • Castillo de Perelada Gran Claustro. …
  • Gran Codorniu Gran Reserva Chardonnay. …
  • Freixenet Cava Elyssia. …
  • Gramona Cellar Battle. …
  • Juve Y Camps Gran Juve Y Camps. …
  • Llopart Leopardi Brut Nature Gran Reserva. …
  • Raventos I Blanc Manuel Raventos. …
  • Recaredo Cava Turo d’en Mota.

How do you serve cava?

Everyone knows that Cavas should be consumed chilled. Although this is a drink which tolerates low temperatures, care must be taken in order to enjoy its full complexity. Cava de Guarda, which has the shortest aging time, is served coldest, at around 8ºC, to highlight its vibrancy and freshness.

How long is cava good for?

A bottle of cava can generally keep its properties intact up to one year after it’s bought. This rule applies to all kinds of cava.

Can you drink cava by itself?

Thanks to its great price and fruity flavours, Cava makes an ideal drink for a summer party, either on its own or with cocktails.

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Is Cava served chilled?

Cava should be served chilled. We recommend chilling in the fridge, and then letting it rest at room temperature for approximately 10 minutes before serving. This allows the wine to warm up ever so slightly, so the flavors are a bit more intense.

What glass do you drink Cava from?

Of course, it’s easy to see why Prosecco is so often served in flutes outside of Italy: Prosecco is Italy’s answer to France’s premium drink, champagne, just like Cava is Spain’s and Espumante is Portugal’s – and they are all served in flutes too.

What is better prosecco or Cava?

Prosecco tends to be sweeter than the average Champagne or Cava, and its flavors are usually simpler and fruitier. That’s not to say its charms are insignificant: Prosecco now outsells Champagne worldwide.