What were the effects of Spain conquering Mexico?

What are the effects of the Spanish conquest of Mexico?

The Spanish had a positive effect on Aztec civilization because they helped modernize the society. They introduced the Aztecs to domestic animals, sugar, grains, and European farming practices. Most significantly, the Spanish ended the Aztec’s practice of human sacrifice.

What effect did Spanish rule have on society?

What effect did Spanish rule have on society? By establishing new colonies in the Americas, Spanish colonizers would have a better chance at say, converting the native Americans to Christianity, or gaining control of more natural resources. These two in turn would increase their glory among European Societies.

What were three negative effects the Spanish had on the Aztecs?

Cortés eventually had him executed. The Aztecs were severely weakened by diseases that the Spanish brought such as smallpox, influenza, and malaria. Over time, around 80 percent of the people living in the Valley of Mexico died from these diseases. Cortés founded Mexico City on the ruins of Tenochtitlan.

What was the impact of the Spanish Empire?

This included everything from complex municipal and regional government, vast projects for Christianizing (i.e. Europeanization), and protection of even the most savage aborigines, to encouragement and successful establishment of all kinds of schools and universities, hospitals, and the production of scholars and a …

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How did the Spanish conquest affect social structure in Mexico?

How did spanish conquest affect social structure in Mexico? … It made Mexico better because they had needed jobs so they became migrant workers. government redistribuded the land.

What impact did the Spanish government have on the Americas?

The Spanish established encomiendas wherever they went in the Americas. At first only conquistadores or military officers possessed encomienda rights. Over time, though, the government expanded the system and gave encomienda grants to wealthy civilians and officials of the Spanish government.

What impact did the Spanish have on the Americas?

When the Spanish conquered the Americas, they brought in their own religion. Hundreds of Native Americans converted to Christianity. Churches, monasteries, shrines and parishes were built. This was one of the Spanish’s main goals in colonization, as well as giving Spain more power.

What are the positive effects of Spanish colonization to the Philippines?

Some of the positive effects were: universities were opened early. In 1820 only the Philippines have improved in civilization, wealth, and Populousness. The establish of schools, many schools were built. They taught them how to read, write, and speak in English.

Why did the Spanish destroy the Aztecs?

Cortes wanted to conquer the aztecs for gold glory and god. Because of these things, many people in the Aztec Empire were unhappy. Some of them helped the Spanish conquistadors take over the Empire.