What US city has the most Spanish speakers?

What are the 5 states with the highest percentage of Spanish speakers?

In 2016, the five U.S. states with the largest Hispanic population were: California (15.3 million), Texas (10.9 million), Florida (5.1 million), New York (3.7 million) and Illinois (2.2 million) (U.S. Census Bureau/American FactFinder 2016: PEPASR6H).

What state has the most Spanish speakers 2020?

The states with the highest Hispanic population are:

  • California: 15.57 million.
  • Texas: 11.52 million.
  • Florida: 5.66 million.
  • New York: 3.75 million.
  • Arizona: 2.31 million.

Which state has the highest percentage of Spanish speakers?

In 2019, California had the highest Hispanic population in the United States, with over 15.57 million people claiming Hispanic heritage.

What states have the largest percentage of Spanish speakers?


States Ranked by Percent of Population Age 5+ Speaking Spanish
Rank State Percent Speaking Spanish
1. New Mexico 28.74%
2. Texas 27.00%
3. California 25.80%

Where is Spanish spoken most?

Which Country or Continent Is Home to the Most Spanish Language Speakers?

  • Mexico has the most speakers with 110 million.
  • Colombia is second in line.
  • The USA is tied with Argentina at about 41 million.
  • Next, comes Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala and Cuba.

What percentage of Texas is Spanish speaking?

According to the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) from 2015, about 35.4% of the Texas population (over nine million people) speaks a language other than English at home. The vast majority (83.3%) of those individuals speak Spanish; overall, about 29.5% of Texans speak Spanish at home.

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