What kind of art were developed during Spanish period?

What are the two Filipino art styles developed during the Spanish period?

Spanish Colonial Art Period

Started when Philippines was colonized by Spaniards. They introduced formal paintings, sculpture and architecture influenced with Byzantine, Gothic, Baroque and Rococo art style. Most art are religious (catholic based).

What type of art does Spain have?

From simple cave drawings to the vibrant, kaleidoscopic images of 21st century surrealist Juan Antonio Guirado, art continues to flourish in Spain. Discover paintings, along with sculptures, frescos, murals and other art forms within Spain’s museums, galleries and private collections.

What kind of arts were developed during the Spanish period?

Though the ethnic art forms such as pottery, weaving and metalwork were retained, the Spanish friars and the Chinese, the colony’s primary trading partner, were slowly introducing newer art forms. Icons brought by the friars were used as models for sculpture.

Is art important to Spain?

Spain has a uniquely spectacular wealth of monuments, the result of long centuries of history and a mix of cultures. This is the country of artists of universal renown such as Velázquez, Goya, Gaudí, Picasso, and Dalí, and here art and culture are celebrated intensely in so many different ways.

What is the Spanish era?

The Spanish era (Latin: Æra Hispanica), sometimes called the era of Caesar, was a calendar era (year numbering system) commonly used in the states of the Iberian Peninsula from the 5th century until the 15th, when it was phased out in favour of the Anno Domini (AD) system.

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What is the greatest contribution of Spanish era to the Philippines arts?

The ilustrados became the new patron of the arts. These events paved the way for the secularization of art in the 19th century. The Spanish friars introduced Western painting in the Philippines to artisans who learned to copy on two-dimensional form from the religious icons that the friars brought from Spain,.