What is the best way to travel from Barcelona to Madrid?

How do I travel from Barcelona to Madrid?

The quickest journey time from Barcelona to Madrid is 2h 30m on a high-speed Renfe AVE train. The first train departs Barcelona Sants station at 05:50 and the last at 21:15, covering a distance of just over 500km and arriving into Madrid’s main railway station, Madrid Atocha.

Is there a high speed train from Barcelona to Madrid?

The AVE (high speed) train service between Madrid and Barcelona travel time is only 2 and 3/4 hours for the direct trains. When you figure in the 1 or more hours in advance that you need to be at the airport, the total time is quite comparable. There are also often discount fares available online on the RENFE site.

What is the cost of a train from Barcelona to Madrid?

Barcelona to Madrid by train

Journey time From 2h 30m
Price From €5.45
Distance 314 miles (506 km)
Frequency 14 trains per day
First train 05:51

Is the train ride from Barcelona to Madrid Scenic?

What kind of scenery can we expect to see? Most of it is rather boring, and at somewhere around 300 kph you won’t have much time to see anything. I haven’t tried AVE, but if you watch things 10 meters from the train, you’ll get eye-ache, if you look at 1 km distance or more – no problem.

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Is it better to fly from Madrid to Barcelona or take the train?

The train is less stressful and more enjoyable. You can walk around in trains, which is difficult to do on planes. If you are going to the city centre, for BCN-MAD the actual door-to-door time is usually the same or even shorter with train, and it is A LOT more comfortable and relaxing way to travel.

Can you do a day trip to Madrid from Barcelona?

Explore Madrid from Barcelona in just a day with the help of a high-speed train. Hop on at Barcelona Sants station and cruise to Madrid in just over 3 hours. … In the evening, board a train at Madrid Atocha Station for a speedy return to Barcelona.

What is a Ouigo train?

OUIGO is a low-cost, high-speed train service operating under the SNCF brand in France and Spain. OUIGO is a popular choice for train travel as it offers passengers long-distance journeys within the French and Spanish rail network, at some of the most competitive prices.