What factors helped the Spanish defeat the Aztec and Inca?

How did the Spanish defeat the Aztecs and Incas?

Superior Weapons

Spanish weaponry was far superior to anything used by the Aztecs or Incas. Cortés and his men used over a dozen large portable guns, mainly for their shock value against the Aztecs. … Even less sophisticated weapons like steel-edged swords, pikes and crossbows, gave Spaniards the upper hand.

What factors helped the Spanish defeat the Aztecs?

The overthrow of the Aztec Empire by Cortez and his expedition rests on three factors: The fragility of that empire, the tactical advantages of Spanish technology, and smallpox.

Why were the Spanish able to defeat the Aztecs and Incas so easily?

The Spanish were able to defeat the Aztec and the Inca not only because they had horses, dogs, guns, and swords, but also because they brought with them germs that made many native Americans sick. Diseases like smallpox and measles were unknown among the natives; therefore, they had no immunity to them.

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What factor contributed to the defeat of the Inca by the Spanish?

Thus the Spanish conquest was achieved through relentless force, and deception, aided by factors like smallpox and a great communication and cultural divide. The Spaniards destroyed much of the Incan culture and introduced the Spanish culture to the native population.

Why was it easy for the Spanish to conquer the Aztecs?

They found that the city’s society had crumpled. The Aztecs no longer trusted Montezuma, they were short on food, and the smallpox epidemic was under way. More than 3 million Aztecs died from smallpox, and with such a severely weakened population, it was easy for the Spanish to take Tenochtitlán.

How did the Spanish defeat the natives?

-The Spanish conquistadors were able to conquer Native American empires by spreading diseases to the Native Americans (have no immunity). … All of those things were able to help them conquer Native American empires.

What factors helped the Spanish defeat the Aztec quizlet?

the Spanish had superior weapons – steel swords armour and guns compared to the Aztec wooden swords. gave the Spanish greater speed, mobility and height in battles. The Aztecs were not familiar with them.

What were 3 major reasons for the fall of the Aztec empire?

There were many factors involved that led to the great fall of the Aztec empire. The four major factors that were obvious to the downfall of the Aztecs was the bloody sacrifices, religion, diseases, and the Spanish tactics used against the Aztecs.…

Which factor was the most important in aiding Spanish success in the Americas?

Which factor was the most important in aiding Spanish success in the Americas? The Spanish had superior weapons and the use of metal and horses. They were united in their mission: the quest for gold and the conversion of the Indians (Native Americans) to Christianity.

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Why were the Aztecs and Incas so easily defeated by smaller Spanish forces Brainly?

The Inca had already had some contact with Europeans, and many had died of European diseases. The empire was also weakened by a civil war between two ruling brothers. Pizarro manipulated the two sides, eventually defeating both.