What factor was a key to the defeat of the Mexica by the Spanish quizlet?

What was the main reason the Spanish were able to defeat the Aztecs?

Hernan Cortes was able to conquer the Aztec Empire by scaring the natives with the 16 horses, gaining alliances with the other enemies of the Aztec, having superior and better weapons than the natives (like guns), having armor, and having steel.

What 3 things helped the Spanish defeat the Mexica?

This instability within the empire allowed Cortés and his men to band with the aggrieved tribes to further Spanish victory over the Aztec Empire. The three things that allowed the Spanish to defeat the Aztec were horses, gunpowder, and disease.

What were 3 major reasons for the fall of the Aztec Empire?

There were many factors involved that led to the great fall of the Aztec empire. The four major factors that were obvious to the downfall of the Aztecs was the bloody sacrifices, religion, diseases, and the Spanish tactics used against the Aztecs.…

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Why were the Spanish able to conquer the Aztecs quizlet?

Why were the Spanish able to defeat the great Aztec Empire despite their inferior numbers? It was because the Aztecs thought that they were gods so they would not harm them, the disease of smallpox was killing them, and they had better weapons like guns and steel swords.

What factors enabled the Spaniards to conquer the Aztec?

What factors enabled the Spaniards to conquer the Aztec? The Spaniards’ superior weapons, the diseases that accompanied them, and the support of other native peoples.

How did the Spanish defeat the natives?

-The Spanish conquistadors were able to conquer Native American empires by spreading diseases to the Native Americans (have no immunity). … All of those things were able to help them conquer Native American empires.

What factor contributed to the defeat of the Inca by the Spanish?

Thus the Spanish conquest was achieved through relentless force, and deception, aided by factors like smallpox and a great communication and cultural divide. The Spaniards destroyed much of the Incan culture and introduced the Spanish culture to the native population.

What were the 4 reason why the Aztecs were conquered by the Spanish?

The overthrow of the Aztec Empire by Cortez and his expedition rests on three factors: The fragility of that empire, the tactical advantages of Spanish technology, and smallpox.

Who is the most responsible for the fall of the Aztec empire?

During the Spaniards’ retreat, they defeated a large Aztec army at Otumba and then rejoined their Tlaxcaltec allies. In May 1521, Cortés returned to Tenochtitlán, and after a three-month siege the city fell. This victory marked the fall of the Aztec empire.

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Which factors facilitated the downfall of the Aztecs?

Disease was a very important factor that led to the fall of the Aztec Empire. The Spanish brought many deadly diseases when they arrived in Mexico. The diseases, like smallpox, caused many Aztec die. The diseases also weakened many people which gave the Spanish an advantage while fighting.