What does EPA mean in Spanish slang?

What does URA mean in Spanish slang?

Slang. ura [f] AR:Nw. vulva.

What does Yeppa mean in Spanish?

Simply put. It means Excuse me to get attention. also said after a belch or something.

What does op mean in Spanish slang?

(informal) [ɒp ] noun abbreviation. Medicine, Military) = operation. 2. = opportunity.

What is EPA short for?

EPA. (U.S.) Environmental Protection Agency.

Is EPA a word?

No, epa is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What is the meaning of the suffix URA?

-ura (Cyrillic spelling -ура) Suffix appended to words to create a feminine noun, usually a pejorative.

What does URA mean in Russian?

“Ura” or “Hura” is the battle cry of the Russian Armed Forces, as well the Soviet Armed Forces and Red Army that preceded it. Its usage dates back to the Medieval era, derived from the Mongolian phrase hurray, meaning “to move” or “to attack”.

What is the meaning of the suffix Ward?

-ward. a native English suffix denoting spatial or temporal direction, as specified by the initial element: toward; seaward; afterward; backward. Also -wards.

What does heffa mean in Spanish?

What does heffa mean in Spanish? Answer: “Heffa” is meant to be “JEFA” which means boss. Therefore referring to ones mother as your boss.

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