What does Cachina mean in Spanish?

What does Cachina mean?

noun. any of various ancestral spirits deified by the Hopi Indians and impersonated in religious rituals by masked dancers. a Hopi religious ritual at which such masked dancers perform. a masked dancer impersonating such a spirit at a Hopi religious ritual.

What does Kachina mean in Spanish?

kachinanoun. a masked dancer during a Pueblo religious ceremony who is thought to embody some particular spirit.

Is Cochina a bad word?

The word your looking for is “cochina” meaning ,filty, dirty, disgusting etc. cochina is a very mild word used for children to indicate they have dirtied themselves.

What is Marana?

ma·ra·ña. feminine. maleza thicket.

What does Apache mean in English?

1 : a member of a group of American Indian peoples of the southwestern U.S. 2 : any of the Athabascan languages of the Apache people. 3 not capitalized [French, from Apache Apache Indian] a : a member of a gang of criminals especially in Paris.

What does the Indian word kachina mean?

A kachina is an ancestral spirit of the Pueblo Indians. There are more than 500 of these spirits, and they act as intermediaries between humans and the gods. Each tribe has its own kachinas, which are believed to reside with a tribe for half of each year.

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Which is a symbolic meaning of a kachina doll?

Kachina Dolls are gifts given in hope of future abundance and health, as well as tools for education. The Kachina Dolls of today’s art market are a bridge not only between the spiritual world and mortals but also between Hopis and non-Hopis.

How do you use Kachina in a sentence?

kachina in a sentence

  1. But he will need more sponsors to continue with the Kachinas.
  2. Luckily, there had been a cancellation at the Kachina Lodge.
  3. The Kachina religion was foundational for modern Zuni and Hopi people.
  4. Scott trains at Arizona State twice weekly with the Kachinas.

What does Cochina mean in Spanish slang?

filthy person {noun} cochina (also: cochino)

What is Cocina slang for?

kitchen, (he) is cooking, (she) cooks.

How do you spell Marana?

Marana is a town in Pima County, Arizona, located northwest of Tucson, with a small portion in Pinal County.

How did Marana Arizona get its name?

Marana was named for the Spanish word maraña (“thicket”) by 19th-century railroad workers who had to clear a line through the area.