What cities in Spain speak English?

Is English widely spoken in Spain?

English is the most-spoken second language in Spain, the poll says, with 27.7% of respondents saying they speak it, followed by French (9%) German (1.7%) and Portuguese (1.2%). … For those who do, however, 39.7% speak English and 48.1% speak French.

Can you live in Spain only speaking English?

Most of the people in Spain only speak Spanish and just a few speak very well English. Only at touristic attractions and in those surroundings people know English and most of the time their English is limited.

Can you live in Spain without speaking Spanish?

In many parts of Spain, particularly in areas where there are large expat communities, English is widely spoken and you can live a great life without needing to know a word of Spanish if that is what you are looking for.

Where do most English live in Spain?

By far the most popular areas for moving to Spain from UK are the sun-kissed coastal regions. Alicante on the Costa Blanca is chock-full of beautiful beaches and affordable properties. Expats report adjusting to life here is made easier by friendly locals and English-speaking schools.

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Why do Spaniards not speak English?

According to experts, Spaniards’ difficulty learning English can be explained in part by the size of the country, its relatively low GDP and number of people who speak Spanish worldwide. Other critics put it down to faults in the education system and cultural quirks like dubbing.

Do they speak English in Andalucia?

The official language in Andalusia and Spain

The official language for the whole of Spain, including Andalusia, is Spanish, as defined by the Spanish Royal Academy of Language. Specifically, this is Castilian Spanish, castellano in Spanish, and distinct from the dialects found in many regions.

Do they speak English in Alicante?

Although most people in Alicante speak English, if you try a few words or phrases in their native language you will find it easy to make local friends. Alicante and its surrounding cities have a lot of Moorish influence.

Do they speak English in Malaga?

English is spoken widely in Malaga. Most of the waiters in restaurants will understand you. Many restaurants have menus in English.

Can I get by with English in Spain?

English-speaking travelers of Europe are often a little surprised at how few Spaniards speak English and are heard comparing it to other countries they have visited in Europe. Still, in our opinion, it is very possible to travel to Spain using only English.

Where can I travel if I only speak English?

English-Speaking Countries: The Top 20 In The World

  • Belize. 82% Belize is a gorgeous Caribbean country that boarders Mexico – its capital city is only a 1.45 hour flight from Cancun! …
  • Singapore. 83% …
  • Israel. 85% …
  • Sweden. 86% …
  • Denmark. 86% …
  • Bahamas. 87% …
  • Trinidad and Tobago. 87% …
  • Malta. 89%
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Can you live in Barcelona without speaking Spanish?

It is possible to live in Barcelona and not speak a word of Spanish, but aside from being cuturally indolent, you’ll find it means being labelled as a guiri (a disparaging term for foreigners). … One of the Romantic languages, Spanish is a relatively easy language to learn and its poetic rewards are infinite.