What are the months in Spanish in order?

Who is eligible for pensions in Spain?

What are the months and days in Spanish?

Months and Days of the Week in Spanish

Lunes Monday
Martes Tuesday
Miércoles Wednesday
Jueves Thursday
Viernes Friday

What are the Spanish months?

Starting with January, the names of the Spanish months go as follows:

  • enero = january.
  • febrero = february.
  • marzo = march.
  • abril = april.
  • mayo = may.
  • junio = june.
  • julio = july.
  • agosto = august.

What are the days of the months?

The 12 Months

  • January – 31 days.
  • February – 28 days in a common year and 29 days in leap years.
  • March – 31 days.
  • April – 30 days.
  • May – 31 days.
  • June – 30 days.
  • July – 31 days.
  • August – 31 days.

How do you say the date in Spanish example?

In Spanish, the date is always written with the number first and the addition of a “de” or an “el” in the format: The number (day) + de + month + de + year. For example: 15 de octubre de 2017 (October 15, 2017)

What is important to remember about how the months of the year are written in Spanish?

Key Takeaways: The Months in Spanish

Names of the months in Spanish are masculine and not normally capitalized. The most common pattern for writing dates in Spanish is “number + de + month + de + year.”

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