Question: What is the cheapest way to send a parcel from UK to Spain?

What is the cheapest way to ship to Spain?

If you need to keep your shipping costs to a minimum then the cheapest way to ship to Spain from the US is via a tracked mail service, such as EU Parcel or EMS Parcel Post.

How much does it cost to send a package to Spain?

How To Get The Cheapest Shipping From The USA To Spain?

Shipping Method 0.5 kg, 25×18×10 cm 4.5 kg, 50×25×18 cm
USPS: Express $43.82 $66.64
*FedEx: International Economy $36.75 $48.75
*FedEx: International Priority $42.21 $50.25
*DHL: Express Worldwide $42.71 $74.41

What is the cheapest international courier service?

Top 10 Cheapest International Courier Services When Shipping from…

  • 1.1 All in One Solution for International Courier Service- Shiprocket.
  • 1.2 FedEx.
  • 1.3 DHL.
  • 1.4 Aramex.
  • 1.5 E com Shipping Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  • 1.6 India Post.
  • 1.7 DTDC.
  • 1.8 Ecom Express.

Does DHL deliver to Spain?

At DHL Spain, we have over 7,500 employees who handle around 100,000 shipments every business day. Your parcel delivery to Spain can be made in just 1 working day, whether it’s destined for Barcelona, Madrid or any other location.

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How much does it cost to ship to Spain USPS?

Compare International Mail Services

Service Starting Price
Global Express Guaranteed® (GXG®) $67.80 (varies by country)
Priority Mail Express International® $45.95 (varies by country)
Priority Mail International® $28.50 (varies by country)
First-Class Mail International® $1.30 (varies by country)

Is DHL cheaper than USPS?

When it comes to price alone, USPS beats DHL. It is more competitive on shipping costs and it hits customers with fewer surcharges than DHL. If you’re a 3PL or e-commerce company sending items under 70 pounds to customers within the U.S., then your best bet is USPS.

What is the best way to send a package to Spain?

Use UPS for express shipments, not FedEx, because UPS operates within Spain whereas FedEx hands off packages to local couriers. Do not send vitamins; they always seem to be stopped and taxed. Mailing several smaller boxes costs more than one big box (read: one heavy box).

Does UPS deliver to Spain?

Ship an extra small parcel to Spain

If you are looking to send a door-to-door, time-sensitive parcel, opt for our express delivery service, guaranteeing delivery in 1 to 2 business days by 10.30 AM. All of our express services include a money-back guarantee at no additional cost.

Does FedEx ship to Spain?

FedEx | Express Delivery, Courier & Shipping Services | Spain.

How can I get cheap international shipping?

The cheapest way to ship internationally is by finding a forwarder that charges less for the service. A freight forwarder will handle the shipping customs and also try to find cheap international courier services for you. This can significantly lower your costs.

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Is FedEx cheaper than DHL?

Shipping Rates: Although DHL and FedEx both charge higher rates for same-day delivery services, DHL rates are typically cheaper for domestic shipments, ultimately. When it comes to choosing between DHL international shipping rates and FedEx international shipping rates, DHL rates are also generally more affordable.

Is FedEx or UPS cheaper for international shipping?

UPS vs Fedex: The Differences

This suggests that FedEx should offer cheaper rates on international shipping, and UPS better rates on domestic. Both companies offer a range of shipping services at various delivery speeds and prices, from Ground to Overnight and Flat Rate services.