Question: What does Pepito mean in Spanish slang?

What is Pepito a nickname for?

Pepito, the diminutive version of the Spanish name Pepe, may refer to: Pepito Arriola (1896–1954), Spanish child prodigy pianist and violinist.

Is Pepita a Spanish word?

pepita: grain of seed; small seed.

Does Papito mean little daddy?

“Papito” literally means “little daddy”… and is often used as a term of endearment for a special man/boy in your life.

What does little Pepito mean?

Pepito means “little Pepe” Would be used for a Child or for someone who you are affectionate with, a b/f, sibling, close friend.

What does Pepita mean in Spanish Coco?

Pepita is a loyal spirit animal that belongs to Mama Imelda, Miguel’s great-great-grandmother, in the Land of the Dead. … Pepita is an alebrije — a living version of a traditional Mexican folk art.

What does Pepito mean in French?

1. Gastronomy. loin of pork pepito. sandwich de filet de porc. 2.

What does the word Pepe mean in Spanish?

Pepe is slang. Its a puerto rican word for cocaine.

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