Is there a Spanish word for fiance?

Is novio boyfriend or fiance?

noun, plural no·vios [naw-vyaws; English noh-vee-ohz]. Spanish. a fiancé or bridegroom.

What is your fiance’s name in Spanish?

Prometida, novia: fiancée, girlfriend, bride. Compañero: male partner in a couple relationship.

What is another word for lover in Spanish?

amor; cariño; pasión; ternura; afición; intimidad; muchacha; corazón; chica; querida; tesoro; querido; niña; ángel; amado; fortuna; moza; nene; amante; encanto; sol; cielo. querer; amar; mantener; acostarse; hacer el amor; coser; gustar; dar gusto; agradar.

How do Mexicans say girlfriend?

Chica – Girlfriend / Girl

This expression is very popular in Spain and Mexico, but since ‘chica’ is a standard word, you can use it in other Spanish-speaking countries and people will be able to understand you.

Is there a Spanish word for fiance?

Synonyms: intended, betrothed, boyfriend, husband-to-be, more…


Principal Translations
Inglés Español
fiance, fiancé n from French (man to whom [sb] is engaged) prometido nm Exemplos: el televisor, un piso.
(boda) novio nm Exemplos: el televisor, un piso.
Irene’s fiance is named Eric.

Does Novia mean girlfriend?

Novia is a girlfriend, and prometida is a fiancée.

What’s a novia?

Spanish. a fiancée or bride. a girlfriend or sweetheart.

What is the meaning of Esposo?

husband masculine. wife feminine. acompañado de su señora esposa — accompanied by his wife. More example sentences. los nuevos esposos — the newly-weds.

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What does Mi Alma mean?

English Translation. my soul.

What is Mi Rey?

English Translation. my king.