Is Spain cheaper than London?

Is Barcelona or London more expensive?

Cost of living in London (United Kingdom) is 73% more expensive than in Barcelona (Spain)

Is Barcelona cheaper than UK?

Cost of living in Barcelona (Spain) is 43% cheaper than in London (United Kingdom)

Is food cheaper in Spain or UK?

Indulging in a three-course meal at a mid-level eatery in Spain costs around £34.25. In the UK, you’ll pay £40 for the same fare. … If you stay in the UK, the only food item that will lower is local cheese. Even the most basic of items, such as a gallon of milk, is cheaper in Spain.

Is Spain cheap or expensive?

Cost of living in Spain is one of the lowest in Western Europe, even in the cities. (And the famous Spanish sunshine you get for free.) Leaving aside rent or mortgage payments—and depending on your lifestyle—a couple could easily live on $20,000 to $22,000 a year and still eat out regularly.

Is it better to live in Barcelona or London?

Barcelona just generally feels much more healthier and the outdoor lifestyle is part of life, all year around. The approach to health is different in each city. In London, there are also gyms and opportunities to be healthy – but at a cost.

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What is a good salary in Barcelona Spain?

While you will earn an average of € 3,130 in the metropolis Barcelona, you can expect an average salary of € 2,910 in Málaga.

The largest cities in Spain offer the highest average salaries.

City Average Salary
Barcelona € 3,130
Madrid € 3,190
Valencia € 3,080
Málaga € 2,910

Is Barcelona expensive for students?

The most important expense is accommodation. You can find rooms for about 500 euros per month in shared apartments, or about 900 euros if you are looking for a student residence.

How is it to live in Barcelona?

It genuinely is an amazing city to live in

Aside from its many sights, attractions and events, it’s the lifestyle and quality of life that most people appreciate. Barcelona is an incredibly creative city, which attracts open-minded people who have a desire to pursue the good things in life.

How much cheaper is Spain than UK?

Spain has always been well known for generally having much lower living costs than the UK. According to Numbeo, the overall average cost of living in Spain is 18.2% cheaper than in the UK as a whole. One major area contributes to this fact, as rent is on average 33.19% lower in Spain than Britain.

Is food cheaper in Spain?

Having lunch or dinner out in Spain is very cheap. You can find menus for 10 euros (including first, second, drink and dessert). Although for dinner you will not find a menu, for 15-20 euros you can go to a restaurant and enjoy quality food. … This makes eating at a local restaurant a much ideal option.

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Is it better to live in Spain or UK?

According to the many thousands of British retirees who did it, the lifestyle and safety in Spain much higher than in the UK. The health level in Spain is recognized as the best in the world (Bloomberg Global Health Index, 2019) and the affordable price of spacious housing and comfortable apartments is a big advantage.