How many countries can you visit with a Spanish passport?

Where can Spanish citizens travel without a visa?

Visa-free travel for citizens of Spain

  • Austria.
  • Bulgaria.
  • Cyprus.
  • Czech Republic.
  • Estonia.
  • Hungary.
  • Latvia.
  • Liechtenstein.

What are the benefits of Spanish citizenship?

Advantages of Spanish Citizenship

  • All rights of an EU citizen including indefinite residence in any European country, rights to study, work, etc.;
  • Preferences when applying for a job in Spain.
  • Visa-free travels to the EU countries;
  • The right to elect and be elected to government bodies;

Can I travel to Canada with Spanish passport?

Spanish citizens, like 57 other nationalities, are visa-exempt when it comes to a short visit in Canada. However, you are required to apply for a Canada ETA if you intend to travel by plane.

Can I work in Australia with Spanish passport?

Travelers from Spain who plan to stay in Australia in the long term, including to live and/or work in the country, will need a different type of visa from an Australian embassy or consulate.

Are Spanish citizens allowed to enter the US Covid?

U.S. citizens and LPRs are permitted to return to the United States from Spain. … The Presidential Proclamation Suspending Entry of Immigrants and Non-Immigrants Who Pose a Risk of Transmitting Coronavirus Disease, does not apply to U.S. citizens or U.S. LPRs, who may return to the United States.

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Do Spanish citizens need a visa for USA?

Spanish citizens do not need a visa to travel to the United States thanks to the Visa Waiver Program. However, travelers do need to obtain a US ESTA visa waiver if they plan to enter the United States on a commercial flight or cruise.

Do Spanish citizens need a visa for UK?

Do Spanish citizens need a visa to enter the UK? No, Spanish passport holders can visit the UK without a visa. By 2025, it will be necessary to apply for an ETA online to travel visa-free. Those who plan to move to the country will need a UK residence visa for nationals of Spain.

Is it hard to get Spanish citizenship?

The easiest way of getting the Spanish nationality. After 2,5 or 10 years of living in Spain with your residency permit, you can easily get Citizenship by residency. … If you get married to a Spanish citizen, you just need to live in Spain for one year in order to qualify for the nationality. It’s that simple!

How much does it cost to become a Spanish citizen?

Spain charges a non-refundable fee to process your citizenship application. The price varies and can range from €60-€100, even if they reject your application. Fees may also apply to issue certificates and documents required for your application.