How cold does it get in Seville Spain?

Is Seville hot all year?

Summer, from June to mid-September, is very hot and sunny, with very rare rains. Highs are usually about 36 °C (97 °F) in July and August, however, there are periods of scorching heat. On the hottest days of the year, the temperature normally reaches 42/43 °C (107/109 °F).

What is the coldest it gets in Spain?

Here is a list of the hottest temperature recorded in Spain.

Coldest Temperatures Ever Recorded in Spain.

Temperature Location Date Recorded
−34.1 °C (−29.4 °F) Pallars Sobirà, Province of Lleida January 6, 2021

How cold does it get in Seville?

In Sevilla, the summers are short, hot, arid, and mostly clear and the winters are cold and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 42°F to 97°F and is rarely below 34°F or above 105°F.

What is winter like in Seville?

Winter in Seville

Crisp, sunny days and relatively mild temperatures make it one of the continent’s most pleasant winter destinations. Winter temperatures in Seville average out in the low 60s Fahrenheit during the day. While days are quite short, lasting about nine to 10 hours, sunlight is still relatively abundant.

Is Seville hotter than Cordoba?

In fact, Córdoba is in summer the hottest city not only in Spain but throughout Europe, and often even more so than the nearby city of Seville, which is equally located in the plain to south of the Sierra Morena and crossed by the Guadalquivir river, but a little closer to the sea.

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Is Seville humid in summer?

Humidity and Wind

Sevilla has some very humid months, and slightly dry months in the opposite season. The least humid month is July (32.5% relative humidity), and the most humid month is January (72.5%). Wind in Sevilla is usually calm.

How hot is Seville in February?

The average minimum temperature (usually the minimum temperature is noted during the night) in Seville in February is 7.0°C (44.6°F). The amount of rain in February is normal with an average of 51mm (2.0in). The average maximum daytime temperature lies around 18.0°C (64.4°F).