Does Spanish use Oxford comma?

Do Spanish and English use commas differently?

Example #1:

In English – when the dialogue tag opens the sentence – you use a comma before opening the line with quotation marks. In Spanish, when the dialogue tag opens a dialogue or a sentence, you use a colon before opening the line.

Which countries use the Oxford comma?

“In British practice there’s an Oxford/Cambridge divide … In Canada and Australia the serial comma is recommended only to prevent ambiguity or misreading.” “The so-called ‘Oxford comma’ is an optional comma that follows the penultimate item in a list of three or more items and precedes the word ‘and’ …

Which countries dont use Oxford comma?

Most Australian, Canadian and British stylebooks discourage the use of the Oxford comma. Even in the United States, a well-known detractor of the serial comma is the AP Stylebook – the definitive grammar guide for journalists.

Does Spanish use the Oxford comma?

Commas in a list of items (no Oxford comma) Similar to English, you must separate items in a list with a comma. But note this big difference: you can’t use a comma before y in Spanish! The old Oxford comma debate is non-existent in Spanish, as it’s simply not an option.

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Why doesnt Spanish use the Oxford comma?

No Oxford Comma

To begin, keep in mind that while in English the Oxford comma is optional, this does not exist in Spanish. This means that you never have to place a comma before y (and). For example: Me gustan los chocolates, los helados, los pasteles y las rosquillas.

What is the Spanish punctuation called?

List of Spanish Punctuation Marks

Spanish English Punctuation Mark
llaves curly brackets { }
comillas españolas angle quotes or guillemets « »
comillas or comillas inglesas quotation marks or double quotation marks “ ”
comillas angulares , comillas latinas or comillas simples single quotation marks ‘ ‘

Is an Oxford comma an American thing?

British and American English both use the Oxford comma like this, but they differ on when it is used: Typically, in British English, we only use an Oxford comma when a list would be unclear without one, such as in the example sentence above. In American English, it is standard to use an Oxford comma in all lists.

Is Oxford comma British?

Serial/Oxford Comma

Despite being named after a British University, the Oxford comma (the comma used before “and” in lists (e.g., I like wookies, ewoks, and droids)) is not considered standard in UK English because only one style guide (Oxford) recommends it.

Do Brits use the Oxford comma?

The Serial/Oxford Comma

The serial comma (also known as the “Oxford comma” in the UK) is a comma placed before the last item in a list of three or more things. … Many British style guides, however, recommend omitting the final comma: I believe in good spelling, grammar and punctuation.

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