Does Spain have a lot of refugees?

How many refugees does Spain take in?

According to Spain’s interior ministry 6,952 migrants arrived in the Canaries between January and June this year, compared with 2,706 over the same period in 2020. More than 23,000 migrants and refugees arrived in the archipelago over the whole of last year, up from 2,687 in 2019.

How many refugees did Spain take in 2020?

88,669 asylum applications by refugees were received in 2020 in Spain – according to UNHCR. Most of them came from Venezuela, Colombia and from Honduras. A total of 72,791 decisions have been made on initial applications.

Which country has the most refugees?

Turkey hosts the largest number of refugees, with nearly 3.7 million people.

Is Spain accepting Afghan refugees?

The Spanish government admitted on Tuesday that there will be refugees that it cannot evacuate from Afghanistan, after the Taliban took control of the country more than a week ago.

Where are refugees in Spain from?

Refugee Situations

Country of origin Data date
Algeria 30 Sep 2020 39.5%
Morocco 30 Sep 2020 20.3%
Mali 30 Sep 2020 12.6%
Guinea 30 Sep 2020 7.6%

Which country takes in the most refugees 2021?

The ten host countries with the highest number of refugees are:

  • Turkey (3.7 million)
  • Jordan (2.9 million)
  • Lebanon (1.4 million)
  • Pakistan (1.4 million)
  • Uganda (1.1 million)
  • Germany (1 million)
  • Iran (979,400)
  • Ethiopia (921.00)
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What is the largest population of immigrants in Spain?

As recorded by the source, Moroccans ranked first as the foreign nationality with more residents in Spain in 2021, closely followed by Romanians.

Is Spain friendly to foreigners?

Not only families feel welcome in Spain: expats in general find that the population is friendly towards foreign residents, and a large proportion considers the local language easy to learn. Spain ranks 8th out of 68 countries overall. The country is even in 3rd place for quality of life.