Can I stay in Spain with pareja de hecho?

Is civil partnership Recognised in Spain?

If you have been living together uninterruptedly for more than 2 years, or the relationship has been formalized through a notary, or there is a common child, then the law recognizes your situation as one of a civil partnership.

Can I live in Spain if my partner is Spanish?

In the first place, the citizen who wants to obtain nationality must obtain a residence in Spain. This will be possible after having married a Spanish national. Then, you must demonstrate continued coexistence for a year in the Spanish territory with your spouse.

How long does the pareja de hecho process take?

In Madrid, the average wait for an appointment is around 6 months.

Can I live in Spain with an NIE number?

Can I work with this type of NIE? No. The non-resident NIE does not authorize you to reside or work legally in Spain. It is merely a number that identifies you as a foreigner in the country (for example, for tax purposes).

How can I stay in Spain for 6 months?

To spend more than 90 days in Spain in a period of 6 months Brits will need to acquire a Spanish Schengen visa. This can be obtained from a Spanish embassy or consulate in UK.

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Which countries Recognise civil partnerships?

Similar gender-neutral civil partnerships exist in the Netherlands (since 1998), Belgium (since 2000), Luxembourg (2004), Andorra (since 2005), Greece (they were originally set up for opposite-sex couples in 2008, however they have been gender-neutral since 2015), Gibraltar and Malta (since 2014), Cyprus (since 2015), …

Are civil partnerships Recognised abroad?

Civil unions and registered partnerships are considered equivalent or comparable to marriage in some EU countries. All countries that allow same-sex marriages generally recognise same-sex registered partnerships concluded in other countries.

Where are civil partnerships Recognised?

Registration. You can register your civil partnership in any register office or at any venue that has been approved to register civil partnerships. Anywhere that has been approved to hold civil marriages automatically has approval to register civil partnerships.

Can I move to Spain if my husband is Spanish?

Obtaining Spanish citizenship by marriage is possible. You get citizenship rights, a passport, and the option to maintain permanent residency if you lived in Spain. … The Spanish Civil Code is set up to allow one to vote in Spanish elections, to move freely around the country, and even to work within the EU.

Can I live in Spain with my Spanish wife?

Non-EEA or Swiss citizens: members of your family (spouse, legally registered partner and dependants) have the right to live in Spain but must follow the following procedure to obtain residency in Spain: (1) Apply for a visa from the Spanish embassy or consulate in their home country before their arrival in Spain.

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Can non EU spouse live in Spain?

If you are working in another country – as an employee, self-employed or on a posting, your non-EU spouse, (grand) children or (grand)parents can stay there with you without having to meet any other conditions. You will be required to present documentation proving your employment situation.