Your question: How do you spell books in Spanish?

What is a Spanish book called?

How do I say “book” in Spanish? – If you are referring to the noun, the most common word is “libro.”¿Cómo digo “book” en español? – Si se refiere al sustantivo, la palabra más común es “libro.”

How do you say I like books in Spanish?

I like books

Tengo miles en mi oficina.

What is the plural of books in Spanish?

The plural form of nouns terminating in vowels is obtained by adding an -s to the end. SINGULAR. PLURAL. libro (book) libros (books)

How do you say 100 books in Spanish?

Cien personas – one hundred people. Cien libros – one hundred books.

How do I say a Spanish book in Spanish?

How do you say “book” in Spanish? – Libro. ¿Cómo se dice “book” en español? – Libro.

What is I read a book in Spanish?

Spanish Translation. lee un libro.

Is Library feminine or masculine in Spanish?

The gender of biblioteca is feminine. E.g. la biblioteca.

What’s the word for book bag in Spanish?

book bag mochila mstgt-Google Translate; mst-Microsoft Translate.

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How do you say book in Japanese?

本 hon, is the word for book.

What is El Libro plural?

el libro: los libros. la pluma: las plumas. el chico: los chicos. la señora: las señoras. If a noun ends in a consonant, make it plural by adding -es.

What is the plural for El cuaderno?

Meanings of “plural of cuaderno” in Spanish English Dictionary : 1 result(s)

Category Spanish
1 Common cuadernos [m/pl]