You asked: What is your favorite movie in Spanish?

How do you say what is your favorite movie in Spanish?

What is your favorite movie? You can write Spanish, or English. Mi pelicula favorito es Metrix.

What is the Spanish word for movie?

movie → cine, película, filme, film.

How do you say is it your favorite movie in Spanish duolingo?

Es mi película favorita.”

How do you say what’s your favorite book in Spanish?

Mi libro favorito es… that is my favorite book/ Ese es mi libro favorito My favorite book is…/ Mi libro favorito es…

How do you say movie in French?

cinéma; ciné; grand film; film; vidéo.

How do you say go to the movies in Spanish?

go to the movies v expr. ir al cine loc verb.

What is have a good weekend in Spanish duolingo?

¡Feliz fin de semana!” – Duolingo.

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