You asked: What disease brought by the Spanish wiped out half of the Aztecs in Tenochtitlan?

What disease did Spanish bring to Aztecs?

Smallpox was an unknown disease not only in Mexico, but in all the Americas, before the arrival of Europeans. It was introduced to Mexican lands by the Spanish and played a significant role in the downfall of the Aztec Empire.

What happened when the Spanish arrived in Tenochtitlan?

During the Spaniards’ retreat, they defeated a large Aztec army at Otumba and then rejoined their Tlaxcaltec allies. In May 1521, Cortés returned to Tenochtitlán, and after a three-month siege the city fell. This victory marked the fall of the Aztec empire.

Who brought diseases to the Aztecs?

Intriguingly, this type of weather pattern may be what led to the fall of the once mighty Aztec Empire in the early 16th century–and not as is commonly held, by the invasion of European colonialists, who brought with them diseases like mumps, measles and smallpox for which the native populations lacked immunity.

How did the Aztecs react to the arrival of the Spanish?

The Aztecs decided it was time for the Spanish to leave. They did not want to kill them because they might be gods after all, but the Aztecs wanted them to move along. … When the Spanish returned, they were prepared. They brought dogs and horses and weapons and many fighting men.

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Why did the Spanish destroy Tenochtitlan?

Before Spanish arrival however, Tenochtitlán was The Aztec Capital, Beautiful tall large Pyramids, Temples, Settlement Houses, Floating Gardens, and Canals. And the reason they destroyed Tenochtitlán Was to rebuild it to Mexico City, making most Structures within The City into Ruins or complete destruction.

What killed most of the Aztecs?

DNA analysis may have finally revealed what killed 15 million…

  • When Europeans arrived in North America, they brought pathogens that natives were not immune to.
  • Smallpox wiped out 5-8 million Aztecs shortly after the Spanish arrived in Mexico in 1519.

How many Aztecs died to disease?

Scientists Find New Clues. Salmonella could be partially to blame for a 16th century epidemic that killed millions. From 1545 to 1550, Aztecs in what is today southern Mexico experienced a deadly outbreak. Anywhere from five to 15 million people died.

Did smallpox wipe out the Aztecs?

In the meantime smallpox devastated the Aztec population. It killed most of the Aztec army and 25% of the overall population. The Spanish Franciscan Motolinia left this description: “As the Indians did not know the remedy of the disease…they died in heaps, like bedbugs.