You asked: Is the word parents masculine or feminine in Spanish?

Are parents masculine or feminine?

Family Vocabulary in French

Masculine Feminine Plural
Le père [father] La mère [mother] Les parents [parents]
Le frère [brother] La soeur [sister] Les frères et soeurs [siblings]
Le fils [son] La fille [daughter] Les enfants [children]
Le grand-père [grandfather] La grand-mère [grandmother] Les grand-parents [grandparents]

Is it El or La padres?

Difference between “the parents” and “the fathers” -> father = el padre parents = los Padres ….. the fathers = los padres????

Does padre mean parent?

padre: father; parent; priest; padre; monk; lay brother.

Is Mom masculine or feminine in French?

Again, you can’t tell the gender of the child in this example, because the possessive adjective is only interested in the gender of the noun it’s describing. (And obviously “father” is a masculine noun, while “mother” is a feminine noun.)

Is parents in French singular or plural?

Translation of parents – French–English dictionary

kindred [noun plural] (old-fashioned) one’s relatives.

What are your parents names in Spanish?

¿Cómo se llaman tus padres?

What is the plural of joven?

plural of joven. jóvenes [m/f/pl]

What is a Madre?

Madre is defined as mother in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. An example of madre is what you would call your mother if you were from Spain.

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What is the plural for El Padre?

plural of padre. padres [m/pl]

Where does the accent go in Padre?

Saying “Padre” Pronounce padre correctly. Padre is pronounced PAH-dray, with the emphasis on the first syllable. The word literally means “father,” and refers to a male parent.

What is the Padres in English?

1 : a Christian clergyman especially : priest. 2 : a military chaplain.