Why is the youth unemployment rate so high in Spain?

Why is there high unemployment in Spain?

Causes. Spain suffers a high level of structural unemployment. Since the economic and financial crisis of the 1980s, unemployment has never dipped below 8%. … One leading cause is an economy based mostly on tourism and building sectors, as well as lack of industry.

What reasons are there for high youth unemployment?

The contributing factors to this high rate of global youth unemployment are largely due to the lack of job opportunities but also include barriers to entering the labor market, like limited work experience and the increasing size of the population itself – worldwide, there are approximately 1.3 billion young people …

What is the youth unemployment rate in Spain?

The rate fell from 23.2% in 2016, to 20.9% in 2017, 20.2% in 2018 and 19.7% in 2019, then rose to 19.9% in 2020.

Why does Spain have such a high youth unemployment rate?

The increase in segmentation of the labor market, the lack of effective employment policies and deficiencies in the education system have been cited as some of the principal reasons behind the significant level of youth unemployment in Spain.

What is Spain’s economic situation?

Spain has been in the midst of a balanced economic recovery in recent years; however; the COVID-19 crisis led the country into an unprecedented downturn in economic activity in 2020, with GDP falling by 11% (IMF estimates), one of the largest contractions in Europe.

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What are major causes of unemployment?

The rapid growth of population also being the burden on cultivation, low productivity in the agriculture sector, defective economic planning, lack of capital etc are also some of the foremost reason for unemployment.

What are the reasons for youth unemployment in South Africa?

Although there are various reasons for youth unemployment such as population growth, lack of experience, inappropriate ways of searching for a job, and lack of career guidance in schools, the unemployment rate for first-time job-seekers in South Africa is unacceptably high.