Why is Spanish so hard?

Why is Spanish the hardest language?

As you may have seen, Spanish has many more grammatical difficulties than most other languages. While other languages lack gender in nouns or their irregular verbs have similarities with the infinitive, Spanish has different laws that make it difficult to learn even for native speakers.

Is Spanish the hardest language to learn?

Spanish is the hardest language to learn. … It also borrows words from other languages, such as French, Italian and Sardinian. But it’s not the vocabulary people seem to find the hardest. According to our survey, understanding native speakers was the number one challenge for Spanish students.

Why do I struggle to learn Spanish?

If you’re struggling with learning Spanish, the reason is most likely one of two things: Your study method in ineffective for you, or you’re looking at your progress with a mindset that’s too critical.

Is Spanish the easiest language to learn?

As English speakers, we can be thankful that Spanish pronunciations are one of the easiest to learn. Overall, Spanish has a shallow orthographic depth – meaning that most words are written as pronounced. This means that reading and writing in Spanish is a straightforward task.

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Is Spanish harder than French?

Spanish is arguably somewhat easier for the first year or so of learning, in large part because beginners may struggle less with pronunciation than their French-studying colleagues. However, beginners in Spanish have to deal with dropped subject pronouns and four words for “you,” while French only has two.

Is Japanese easier than Spanish?

Since the FSI ranks Japanese as one of the hardest languages to learn (2200+ hours) while Spanish is one of the easiest (575-600 hours).

Can I learn Spanish in 3 months?

If you have just started learning Spanish, it is understandable that you would want to become fluent in Spanish quickly. It is possible to achieve this goal in three months, provided you do the work and stay consistent throughout the process of learning Spanish.

What is the hardest part about learning Spanish?

Learning the grammatical rules of Spanish is one thing; actually talking to native speakers is another. If you feel like Spanish speakers talk really fast, you’re right: a recent study found that Spanish is spoken at a rapid-fire 7.82 syllables per second — making Spanish speakers quite hard to keep up with!

Which language is hardest to learn Spanish or English?

Spanish. Social media informalIy tells me there’s an overwhelming consensus: English is WAY harder for Spanish-speakers to learn.