Why does Spanish sound so hot?

What is the hottest language?

The votes are in and it’s unanimous: French is the sexiest language in the history of ever. To make things even steamier, French is a legit Romance language along with Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and a few others, named as such because of their Latin roots.

Is Spanish a hot language?

Spanish came out on top as the world’s sexiest language. It slurped up 48 percent of the votes, compared to French’s more modest 32 percent.

Why does Spanish sound so passionate?

The Sound of the Language

Spanish has softer consonants and longer vowels than Germanic languages (like German and English) and Slavic languages (like Russian and Polish). This helps speakers make their words flow together more easily.

Is Spanish considered a beautiful language?

#5 Spanish is a beautiful language

Romance languages, in general, have such a nice sound to them. Spanish is no exception. Just like with any language, Spanish is spoken differently in different cultures so it has many dialects and accents. … All in all, Spanish is a beautiful language worth learning.

What is the most boring language?

the most boring language: Spanish | Antimoon Forum.

Is Spanish accent attractive?

For 86 per cent of women, the Scottish accent was deemed sexiest, while 88 per cent of men found a Spanish accent irresistible. … And despite rating the Spanish accent highly, a measly 31 per cent of men found a Mexican accent sexy on a woman, making it the second-least-attractive accent.

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Why Spanish is a cool language?

It’s a beautiful language with a wide global influence on business and culture. It’s spoken in many diverse areas of the world, so Spanish speakers benefit from being able to communicate with all kinds of people in all types of situations in Spanish-speaking countries and beyond.

What sounds better Spanish or French?

French sounds better than Spanish. French sounds so posh and Spanish sounds so harsh. French is very guttural and nasal. It’s nasal because it’s the way posh rich people speak.