Why did the Spanish break up families and natives tribes?

Why did the Spanish mistreat the natives?

Why did the Spanish mistreat the natives? Spanish churchmen took very seriously their obligation to Christianize the Indians. Some of them were appalled by the harsh treatment meted out to the Indians by many encomenderos and they demanded reform.

What happened between the Spanish and the Native Americans?

Altered Lifestyles The Spanish altered Indian life in many ways. Their intrusion resulted in changing tribal customs and religious traditions. Tribal alliances were shifted and new rivalries were developed. Indians lost their land, their families, and their lives.

What did the Spaniards do to the natives?

From first contact in the Caribbean, Spaniards uprooted natives from their homelands, forced them to give up their treasures, and placed them in captivity.

Why did the Spanish cut the hands off of the natives answer?

Spaniards are cutting off the hands of Natives for not meeting their gold quota. Document 2: From Disease and Catastrophe (David Walbert, LearnNC, no date): … Disease spread from the paths of explorers and the sites of colonization like a stain from a drop of ink on a paper towel.

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How did the Spanish treat the people conquered?

How did the Spanish treat the peoples they conquered? Badly, forced them into “encomienda” made natives farm, ranch, or mine for Spanish landlords. What was unique about the Spanish colonization of the lands of New Mexico?

How did the Spanish and English treat the natives?

The Spanish conquistadors were unquestionably cruel to Native Americans. England’s colonists, however, were equally hostile toward the natives they encountered. … Religion was often used to justify the poor treatment of the natives. Both England’s economic system and religion led to Native American oppression.

Why did the Spanish break up families and natives tribes What was the result of breaking up native tribes?

Why did the Spanish break up families and natives tribes? Due to this colonization process many families and native tribes broke down as a result of the migratory changes to which they had to be subjected and also because of the deaths due to poor living conditions and diseases.