Why did the King of Spain abdicate in 1931?

What happened to the Spanish monarchy in 1931?

The Restoration (Spanish: Restauración), or Bourbon Restoration (Spanish: Restauración borbónica), is the name given to the period that began on 29 December 1874 — after a coup d’état by Martínez Campos ended the First Spanish Republic and restored the monarchy under Alfonso XII — and ended on 14 April 1931 with the …

Why did Alfonso XIII leave?

Alfonso’s association with the dictatorship had disgraced him and the monarchy, and in the municipal elections of April 1931 the republicans won in Spain’s main urban centers. Rather than risk civil war, Alfonso left the country.

Why did the Spanish republic fail?

The Second Spanish Republic played an important role in the country’s history. It began as a late consequence of the stock market crash of 1929 and was terminated by the dictatorship of General Franco, who emerged victorious from the Spanish Civil War after plotting a military coup against the republic.

What did Alfonso XII do?

Alfonso XII, (born November 28, 1857, Madrid, Spain—died November 25, 1885, Madrid), Spanish king whose short reign (1874–85) gave rise to hopes for a stable constitutional monarchy in Spain.

Who killed Sancho II?

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