Who has more fans Real Madrid or Barcelona?

Is Barcelona or Real Madrid bigger?

Real Madrid Tops Barcelona as World’s Biggest Club, Per France Football. Spain’s football powers have been crowned kings of the sport after Real Madrid were named the biggest club in the world followed closely by bitter rivals Barcelona.

Who has more wins Barcelona or Real Madrid?

Total wins for FC Barcelona: 96. Total wins for Real Madrid: 99. Draws: 52.

What is the biggest soccer team in the world?

Current rankings

Rank 2021 Rank 2019 Team
1 2 Barcelona
2 1 Real Madrid
3 4 Bayern Munich
4 3 Manchester United

How many times has Real Madrid beat Barcelona?

How many times did Real Madrid beat Barcelona? A – Real Madrid have beaten Barcelona 102 times out of the 278 games played so far.

Should I go to Barcelona or Madrid?

Madrid is typically more affordable and less expensive than Barcelona. It’s a smaller city and sees fewer tourists. Barcelona is definitely more expensive, but it can still be done fairly affordably depending on the things you choose and want to do. There are a lot of free things you can do in Barcelona.

Who is best cr7 or Messi?

Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Lionel Messi: Career Titles

Lionel Messi Stat Cristiano Ronaldo
10 League titles 7
4 Champions League Cup 5
3 Club World Cup 4
7 National Cups 4
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Which team has beaten Barcelona the most?

Top 6 Biggest Barcelona Losses

  • AC Milan 4-0 Barcelona (1994, European Final) …
  • Sevilla 11-1 Barcelona (1940 La Liga) …
  • Real Madrid 8-2 Barcelona (1935 La Liga) …
  • Real Madrid 11-1 Barcelona (1943, Copa del Rey semi-final) …
  • Bayern Munich 8-2 Barcelona (2020 Champions League Quarter-Final)

Who won La Liga most?