Who controlled Spain first?

Who ruled Spain first?

Spanish Empire

Spanish Empire Imperio español (Spanish)
Head of state
• 1474–1516 Catholic Monarchs (first)
• 1975–1976 Juan Carlos I (last)

When was Spain first conquered?

The first expansion of territory was the conquest of the Muslim Emirate of Granada on January 1, 1492, the culmination of the Christian Reconquest of the Iberian peninsula, held by the Muslims since 711.

Who ruled Spain for over 700 years?

Stability. Stability in Muslim Spain came with the establishment of the Andalusian Umayyad dynasty, which lasted from 756 to 1031. The credit goes to Amir Abd al-Rahman, who founded the Emirate of Cordoba, and was able to get the various different Muslim groups who had conquered Spain to pull together in ruling it.

How did Spanish colonization begin?

Spanish colonialism began with the arrival of Miguel López de Legazpi’s expedition on February 13, 1565, from Mexico. He established the first permanent settlement in Cebu. Much of the archipelago came under Spanish rule, creating the first unified political structure known as the Philippines.

How long has Spain been around?

Anatomically modern humans first arrived in the Iberian Peninsula around 42,000 years ago.


Kingdom of Spain Reino de España (Spanish) show 4 other names
• Total 505,990 km2 (195,360 sq mi) (51st)
• Water (%) 0.89 (as of 2015)
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