Which tourists spend the most in Spain?

Which tourists spend the most money in Spain?

This statistic shows the annual expenditure of international tourists visiting Spain in 2020, by country of residence. Those tourists with residence in the United Kingdom spent the most, while Germany and France ranked second and third.

What nationalities visit Spain the most?

In 2020, the European country with the highest number of residents visiting Spain was France. In total, roughly 3.9 million French residents traveled to the neighboring country. Comparatively, nearly 3.2 million tourists from the United Kingdom also made their way to Spain in that year.

Which tourists spend the most money?

China, the country with the highest travel and tourism expenditure, has seen a large increase in outbound tourism. Between 2009 and 2015, the number of Chinese residents visiting the U.S. increased from around 520 thousand visitors to 2.59 million, this was forecasted to reach 5.72 million by 2021.

Where do most tourists in Spain come from?

Summer resorts and beaches

The leading source markets of Spanish beach tourism are the UK (around 24% of the total arrivals in Spain in recent years), Germany and France (around 15-16% each), followed by Scandinavia and Italy (around 7% each) and the Netherlands (around 5%).

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How much do tourists spend in Spain?

Total expenditure by international tourists visiting Spain stood by 5,902 million in August, compared to 2,457 of the same month of 2020. Regarding August 2020, average expenditure per tourist stands at 1,136 euros, 12.9% more.

How many tourists visit Spain each year?

Every year, Spain receives almost 8 million tourists whose main motivation to travel is gastronomy.

How many British people go to Spain every year?

Spain and its islands have long been a favourite destination for Britons, with more than 18 million holidaymakers visiting this Mediterranean hotspot in a normal year.

Why Chinese tourists spend the most?

Tourists from China are spending significantly more on shopping than visitors from other countries, the survey also reports. One reason why is that they are shopping for goods for friends and family, and not just for themselves. … Generally speaking, the Chinese shop overseas with particular goods in mind.

Which country’s residents spend the most on travel?

Chinese People

With its robust economy and massive population of 1.39 billion people, perhaps it’s no surprise that China tops the list for tourism spending.

Which tourists spend the most money in UK?

As the most visited city in the United Kingdom in 2019, international tourist expenditure in London also naturally ranked highest at around 15.7 billion British pounds. Edinburgh and Manchester followed with a total inbound spend of nearly 1.2 billion British pounds and 715 million British pounds respectively.