Where is my book translation in Spanish?

How do you say I read my book in Spanish?

Quiero leer mi libro.

How do you say do you want to read a book in Spanish?

“comic book” in Spanish – libro de cómics or cómics. “library” in Spanish – biblioteca. “bookshop” in Spanish – libreria. “to read” in Spanish – leer.

How to Say “to Read” in Spanish: Leer.

Spanish Pronouns English Equivalents
you (singular and informal)

What is take out your book in Spanish?

Inglés. Español. take a leaf out of [sb]’s book v expr. figurative (follow [sb]’s example) seguir el ejemplo de loc verb.

How do you say I forgot my book in Spanish?

Sorry, I forgot my books. Lo siento, olvidé mis libros.

How do you say I like to read books in Spanish?

Me gusta leer libros.

What Spanish word means to read?

Spanish Translation. leer. More Spanish words for read. leer verb.

What does reading a book mean in Spanish?

Spanish Translation. lee un libro.

What is the Spanish word for books?

How do I say “book” in Spanish? – If you are referring to the noun, the most common word is “libro.”¿Cómo digo “book” en español? – Si se refiere al sustantivo, la palabra más común es “libro.”

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How do you say I forgot a book in French?

avez oublié mon livre. I forgot my book. J’ai oublié le livre. I forgot my book.