Where does Madrid get its water from?

What is Spain’s main water source?

According to the National Statistical Institute of Spain: 63% of the water supply comes from surface water, 33% from groundwater and 4% from other sources, as desalination plants. But according to ASOAGA: 74% of the water supply comes from surface water, 19% from groundwater and 7% from other sources.

Can you drink the tap water in Madrid?

Yes, tap water in Madrid is clean and definitely drinkable. You can drink it from public places, such as restaurants, bars, hotel bathrooms or public fountains. Considering that the water is tested every day before it is sent into the tap, you don’t have to worry about the safety and cleanliness of the water.

Who supplies water in Spain?

The main water service provider in Spain is Aguas de Barcelona (Agbar), a private company that provides water services to about 13 million people in more than 1,000 localities under concession contracts.

Is public drinking legal in Madrid?

Madrid has introduced a law which prohibits drinking in public. Furthermore, shops aren’t allowed to sell alcohol after 22:00. … The reasons for the introduction of this law are the particular noise and vandalism reductions on public places, streets and parks.

Is the water in Madrid hard or soft?

The Mediterranean area usually the water is very hard, La Madrid is wonderful, the Cadiz area is also very hard, in the North of Spain is very good.

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Are there any rivers in Madrid?

The Manzanares (Spanish pronunciation: [manθaˈnaɾes]) is a river in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula, which flows from the Sierra de Guadarrama, passes through Madrid, and eventually empties into the Jarama river, which in turn is a right-bank tributary to the Tagus.

How long is the river in Madrid?

The Manzanares is 92km (57miles) long and the source of the river lies in the Navacerrada mountain pass, part of the Sierra de Guadarrama mountain range of central Spain. The river drains a water basin of 52,796 hectares and is dammed up stream to form the Santillana reservoir the main source of fresh water for Madrid.