What was the Spanish Inquisition supposed to uphold?

What did the Spanish Inquisition enforce?

Once the bull of creation was granted, the head of the Inquisition was the Monarch of Spain. It was in charge of enforcing the laws of the king regarding religion and other private-life matters, not of following orders from Rome, from which it was independent.

Who were the main targets of the Spanish Inquisition?

Waldensians and Cathars, members of spiritual movements that gained popularity and threatened the authority of the Catholic Church, were the primary targets of the Medieval Inquisition.

What was the main goal of the inquisitors during the Inquisition?

There were usually not many cases of this kind, because the chief aim of the inquisitors was to reconcile heretics to the church. On rare occasions, however, large public executions did take place, as at Verona in 1278, when some 200 Cathars were burned.

What was the purpose of the Spanish Inquisition quizlet?

What was the Spanish Inquisition? To purify Spain by getting rid of everyone who didn’t believe like them.

What was the Spanish Inquisition and why was it formed?

In 1478, the Catholic Monarchs began the famous Inquisition to purify Catholicism in all their territories. The Inquisition was established to act as a tribunal to identify heretics and bring them to justice.

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What best describes the outcome of the Spanish Inquisition?

What best describes the outcome of the Spanish Inquisition? Christian armies defeated Muslims and took control of Spain.

What are the results of the papal inquisition?

The papal inquisition developed a number of procedures to discover and prosecute heretics. … If the accused renounced their heresy and returned to the Church, forgiveness was granted and a penance was imposed. If the accused upheld their heresy, they were excommunicated and turned over to secular authorities.

What tactics were used in the Inquisition?

While the accused heretics were on strappado or the rack, inquisitors often applied other torture devices to their bodies. These included heated metal pincers, thumbscrews, boots, or other devices designed to burn, pinch or otherwise mutilate their hands, feet or bodily orifices.