What was the purpose of the Spanish Inquisition quizlet?

What was the purpose of the Inquisition quizlet?

The Inquisition was a group of institutions within the government system of the Catholic Church whose aim was to combat heresy. It started in 12th century France to combat religious sectarianism, in particular the Carther’s aka the Albigensians, and the Waldensians.

What brought the Spanish Inquisition about and what was its purpose?

In 1478, the Catholic Monarchs began the famous Inquisition to purify Catholicism in all their territories. The Inquisition was established to act as a tribunal to identify heretics and bring them to justice.

What did the Spanish Inquisition do quizlet?

What was the Spanish Inquisition? … To purify Spain by getting rid of everyone who didn’t believe like them.

What did the Spanish Inquisition believe?

The Inquisition was originally intended primarily to identify heretics among those who converted from Judaism and Islam to Catholicism.

Who did the Spanish Inquisition target?

Who did the Spanish Inquisition target? Originally, the Inquisition was to ensure that those who had converted to Catholicism from Judaism or Islam had done so properly. This regulation intensified after two royal decrees were issued (in 1492 and 1501) ordering Jews and Muslims to choose baptism or exile.

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What is an inquisition quizlet?

Inquisition. A Roman Catholic tribunal for investigating and prosecuting charges of heresy – especially the one active in Spain during the 1400s. Serf.

What was the main goal of the inquisitors during the Inquisition?

There were usually not many cases of this kind, because the chief aim of the inquisitors was to reconcile heretics to the church. On rare occasions, however, large public executions did take place, as at Verona in 1278, when some 200 Cathars were burned.

What was the Roman Inquisition quizlet?

The Roman Inquisition was a court of the Catholic Church that prosecuted crimes of heresy.

What was one possible economic reason for the Inquisition?

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain established the Inquisition in response to their concern of Jewish economic and spiritual dominance over Spain. For centuries before the Inquisition was established, Jews in Spain were much better off than in any other part of Europe.