What type of wine is Spanish Rioja?

Is Rioja a fruity wine?

The Grapes

Tempranillo is the most important grape and is at the heart of Rioja’s best wines. It makes abundantly fruity, light wines and has a special affinity with oak-ageing, becoming graceful, silky and perfumed with time. A typical crianza will be a blend of mostly tempranillo with some garnacha to add body.

Is Rioja a good red wine?

Red rioja is made from a blend of grapes, most notably tempranillo and graciano. Rioja that is based on tempranillo typically has a soft, smooth, warm taste, with notes of baked strawberries and hay. … One piece of good news for those who love rioja is that it is one of the wines that supermarkets do best.

Are all Rioja wines Tempranillo?

Are all Rioja wines Tempranillo? Riojas aren’t always Tempranillo, there are various different grape varieties used in Rioja wine region to look out for: Reds: Tempranillo, Garnacha, Graciano, Mazuelo, Maturana Tinta.

Is Rioja a full-bodied wine?

Rioja wines are split into four classification levels: Genérico, Crianza, Reserva, and Gran Reserva. Wines from Rioja can be medium to full-bodied, with high tannins and rich flavors of dark berries, plum, tobacco, and herb.

How would you describe Rioja?

Rioja is an oak-aged wine. Historically, American oak predominated, but many producers now use a blend of American and French oak barrels. American oak gives the wine flavors of coconut, vanilla, dill, and caramel. Rioja is defined by its age.

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Is Rioja good for sangria?

Rioja. … Not surprisingly, most people in Spain use Rioja or another Spanish red blend. Rioja is blended primarily from the Tempranillo grape. A light, fruity Rioja such as a Crinanza Rioja is a great choice for sangria recipes.

Is Rioja easy drinking?

These are young fruity wines, very approachable and easy drinking. There should be some lovely creamy vanilla notes and a fresh, juicy fruitiness. The deliciously approachable nature of the style makes this a perfect partner to tapas.

What do you drink with Rioja?

Rioja is known for its easier-drinking Tempranillo-based reds which are traditionally paired with local roast pork, chorizo and aged cheese. But for a Gran Reserva Rioja, Cruz recommends trying higher protein meat, and his top pairing suggestion is grilled pigeon with white truffle.

What is a really good Italian red wine?

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