What traditions does Spain have for Christmas?

What are 3 traditions of Christmas?


  • 1 Church attendance.
  • 2 Decorations.
  • 3 Nativity play.
  • 4 Music and carols.
  • 5 Traditional cuisine.
  • 6 Cards.
  • 7 Commemorative stamps.
  • 8 Gift giving. 8.1 Gift-bearing figures.

What are some traditions of Christmas?

However, making time for your family to celebrate family Christmas traditions together is exactly what makes the holidays so special.

  • Go Ice Skating. …
  • Go Christmas Tree Hunting. …
  • Visit a Local Christmas Parade. …
  • Make a Gingerbread House. …
  • Attend a Christmas Church Service. …
  • Take Turns Opening Presents. …
  • Open Stockings First.

What is tradition and examples?

The definition of a tradition is a custom or belief that is passed down through the generations or that is done time after time or year after year. An example of a tradition is eating turkey on Thanksgiving or putting up a tree on Christmas.

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