What is the cost of an MOT in Spain?

Can you get your car MOT in Spain?

In Spain you are legally required to take your car or vehicle for a roadworthy test which is the equivalent to the MOT in the United Kingdom. This is known as the ITV in Spain (Inspección Técnica de Vehículos). You don’t need to have an ITV if your car is new or up to three years old.

Can I get my UK registered car MOT in Spain?

The simple answer is NO, you cannot ITV/MOT a British registered car in Spain. So if your vehicle was registered in the UK, you would have to have an MOT undertaken in the UK. … A foreign vehicle can have a full and legal ITV in Spain only if it has been correctly imported and has been transferred to Spanish plates.

How do I get an MOT in Spain?

How To Get a Mot in Spain (ITV in Spain)

  1. Ficha Técnica – The specialised information sheet from the last ITV passed.
  2. Permiso de Circulación – Vehicles enrolment record.
  3. DNI/NIE/Passport (your identification)
  4. Last car’s insurance receipt of payment.

Can I MOT my car in another country?

Unfortunately you cannot get it done abroad, even though some people do so it is actually not legal as only a UK based MOT station can give a legitimate MOT.

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How much does an MOT cost in Spain?

According to the rates published by each ITV dealer in the Community of Madrid, the average price of the inspection is 41.72 euros for gasoline cars (3.3% more than in 2019), a figure that is 21% above the Spanish average, and 56.04 euros for cars with diesel engines, which represents 34.3% more than the national …

Can I keep a UK car in Spain?

Once you´re resident in Spain, you can no longer drive your UK registered car, so you’ll either need to switch the car to Spanish plates, or sell it and buy a Spanish registered vehicle. … The above is of course all based on UK being part of the EU.

How do I register my UK car in Spain?

The vehicle certification requirement to register a UK car in Spain after Brexit haven’t changed. It can still be done by way of manufacturers CoC (Certificate of Conformity), or by employing a technician to document the specification of the vehicle in a technical report ‘ficha tecnica reducida’.

How do you say MOT in Spanish?

“MOT” in Spanish

  1. inspección técnica de vehículos.
  2. revisión técnica.

What do I need for my ITV in Spain?

You will need to provide the following documents for the ITV inspection:

  1. The Inspecciones Técnicas or technical sheet (typically blue sheet)
  2. The Permiso de Circulación (the green sheet)
  3. The compulsory vehicle insurance card or last payment receipt.