What does the Spanish name Hector mean?

What is a nickname for Hector?

I know a Hector – his nicknames are Hec and Heccie.

What does the root word Hector mean?

hector (v.)

Related: Hectored; hectoring. … personal name, from Latinized form of Hektor, name of the Trojan hero, oldest son of Priam and Hecuba, in the “Iliad,” from Greek hektor, literally “holder, stayer;” an agent noun from ekhein “to have, hold, possess” (from PIE root *segh- “to hold”).

What does Hector mean in the Bible?

Hektor. To hold or to possess.

Is Hector a Latin name?

Hector is the Latin spelling of the Ancient Greek name Hektor, traditionally given to the heroic warrior of Troy in Homer’s Iliad; the elder brother of Paris and son of King Priam. As with many characters in Greek myth, Hector’s name was highly appropriate to his persona and storyline.

What is Hector slang for?

intransitive verb. : to behave in an arrogant or intimidating way : to play the bully : swagger.

What was Hector’s nickname Iliad?

Hector is called things like ”man-killing,” ”horse-taming,” and Hector ”of the glinting helmet. ” Each of these epithets highlights Hector’s prowess as a warrior. He’s not called ”man-killing” for any reason; he was known for slaying Greek heroes like Patroclus.

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Does Hector mean bully?

The definition of hector is to bully. An example of hector is to constantly make fun of someone. A bully. (person, proper) In Homer’s Iliad, the greatest Trojan hero, killed by Achilles to avenge the death of Patroclus: he is the eldest son of Priam and Hecuba.

Why does Hector mean bully?

The word hector, meaning to bully, is derived from a seventeenth-century London juvenile gang known as the Hectors. During the seventeenth century, several youth gangs terrorized the citizenry of London. They damaged property and assaulted watchmen and innocent bystanders, and brawled among themselves.

What is Hector the god of?

Hector was considered the greatest warrior of Troy, but he did not approve of the war that had started between the Greeks and the Trojans. During the Trojan War, he was the leader of the Trojan army. It was prophesied that the first Greek who would land on Trojan soil would die.

Is Hector a German name?

The surname Hector is an English, Dutch, French and German surname.

What does the name Achilles mean?

The name Achilles is primarily a male name of Greek origin that means Pain. May be from the Greek word ‘achos’ which means “pain” or from the name of the Achelous River. Greek legend character from Homer’s ‘Iliad,’ killed by an arrow to the heel.