What does Reserva mean in Spanish wine?

What does Reserva mean on wine?

In Spain, “Reserva” wines are aged for at least three years with a minimum of six months aging in oak barrels. In Italy, different wine regions have definitions of “riserva” wines.

What does Rioja Reserva mean?

Reserva: These wines are made using the best grapes of a harvest, and are only produced during years that were considered to have enjoyed a good growing season. Rioja Reserva must age for a minimum of three years, with at least one of those in oak, and the rest in the bottle.

What is the difference between Crianza and Reserva?

Crianza is aged for at least 1 year in oak and 1 year in bottle (6 months in oak for whites). Reserva uses better quality grapes from the best vintages, it is aged 1 year in oak and 2 years in bottle (2 years ageing, 6 months of which is in oak for whites) and these wines have ageing potential.

What does Reserva mean in Chilean wine?

For example, Reserva or Reserva Especial indicates that the wine is at least 12% alcohol. Reserva Privada and Gran Reserva bump that requirement up to 12.5%. Additionally, Reserva Especial and Gran Reserva can be used if the wine has seen at least a little oak.

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How long must a Rioja Reserva be aged?

A reserva wine from Rioja is required to have been aged at the winery for at least one year in the barrel and at least two years in the bottle. By the time the wine is imported into the U.S it’s already three years old.

How long is Rioja Reserva aged?

Reserva. These are meticulously selected wines with a minimum ageing between oak barrels and the bottle of three years, of which at least one has to be in barrels, followed and complemented by a minimum 6 months’ ageing in the bottle.

What is the difference between Reserva and Gran Reserva?

A “reserva” has been aged at least three years, with at least one of those in barrel. “Gran reserva” means that it was aged at least five years, with a minimum of two years in oak. In addition, gran reserva wines are typically made in only outstanding vintages.

What does Crianza mean on a bottle of Spanish wine?

‘Crianza’ refers to the ageing regulations for red wines set out by the region’s wine control board, the Consejo Regulador DOCa Rioja. These state that a crianza must be aged for a minimum of one year in barrel and one year in bottle before release.

How long can you keep a Crianza?

Like basic Rioja, however, Crianza isn’t considered an age-worthy wine. You can keep these wines in storage for up to five years, but it’s best to drink them young.