What does Philippe mean in Spanish?

What does the name Philippe mean?

Greek Baby Names Meaning:

In Greek Baby Names the meaning of the name Philippe is: Lover of horses.

Is Felipe a Mexican name?

Spanish: from the personal name Felipe, Spanish form of Philip.

Is Philip a Spanish name?

Filipe is a common first name in Portuguese-speaking countries. It is a Portuguese and Galician spelling of the name Philip (aka Phillip) (the name is spelled Felipe in Spanish and in archaic Portuguese orthography).

What does Philip mean in Latin?

masc. proper name, most famously in classical history king of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great (compare philippic); the from Latin Philippus, from Greek Philippos “fond of horses,” from philos “beloved, loving” (see philo-) + hippos “horse” (from PIE root *ekwo- “horse”).

Where does the name Philippe come from?

Their name is derived from the ancient Greek name Phillippos, which is composed of the elements philos, meaning love, and hippos, meaning horse, and indicated a person who loved horses.

Is Philippe a girl name?

The name Philippe is a boy’s name of French origin meaning “lover of horses”. Philippe, pronounced fill-EEP, is Philip with Gallic flair.

How rare is the name Felipe?

Despite its status as an international version of a English name, it has ranked on the US Top 1000 almost every year since the beginning of the twentieth century, with 1904 the only exception.

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Is Philip an Italian name?

Filippo is an Italian male given name, which is the equivalent of the English name Philip, from the Greek Philippos, meaning “friend of horses”. The female variant is Filippa.


Pronunciation Italian: [fiˈlippo]
Gender Male
Word/name Italian
Meaning Friend of horses

What does Philip mean in the Bible?

In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Philip is: Warlike; a lover of horses.

What is Philip in German?

[ˈfɪlɪp] Philipp m; (Bibl) Philippus m.