What does penga mean in Spanish?

What is the meaning of penga?

feminine noun (Andes) bunch of bananas.

What does Pinga Pinga mean in Spanish?

1. ( vulgar) (male genitalia) (Andes) (Caribbean) (Central America) dick (vulgar)

What does Pingita mean?

1. ( advance) first step. El grupo está haciendo sus pinitos en la industria de la música.

What language is penga?

Penga | Spanish to English Translation – SpanishDict.

Is penga a Scrabble word?

Yes, panga is in the scrabble dictionary.

What is panga called in English?

noun. a large, broad-bladed African knife used as a weapon or as an implement for cutting heavy jungle growth, sugarcane, etc.; machete.

What does Chinga mean in Mexico?

Basically it is just an expression of surprise. Even though this expression has nothing to do with the word “fuck” it is a vulgar way to express yourself.

What does Pinga mean in Cuba?

#4 Pinga is…

Literally translated it refers to the male genital organ. However, conjugated in a wide variety of ways and placed into all sort of different contexts, it can mean anything from “it is horrible” (está de Pinga), “amazing” (empinagado), “what the hell is up with you” (qué Pinga te pasa a tí)…

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