What does km mean in Spanish address?

What is an address in Spain?

Spanish Addresses (How to Read Them)

Correos advises that addresses (dirección) in Spain should be formatted as follows: • Top line: Full name of the recipient, or company name. • 2nd line: Type of street, name of street, building number, flat number, entrance number. • 3rd line: Post code and town name.

How do I write my address?

Here’s what to include:

  1. The name of the sender should be placed on the first line.
  2. If you’re sending from a business, you would list the company name on the next line.
  3. Next, you should write out the building number and street name.
  4. The final line should have the city, state and ZIP code for the address.

How do you address a parcel to Spain?

Remember to use the correct address format

Put the postcode, town, and province (in brackets) on one line. Please write ‘SPAIN’ in capital letters on the last line of the address. Please write the addressee’s mobile telephone number on your parcel, in case we need to contact them about their delivery.

How do you formally address someone in Spanish?


  1. A quien corresponda. = To whom it may concern.
  2. Muy señor mío. = Dear Sir.
  3. Estimado Señor (apellido) = Dear Mr. (last name)
  4. Don (nombre) = Dear (first name)
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What do addresses look like in Spain?

The format for writing an address in Spanish closely follows the format in English, except that in Spanish, the street typically comes before the building number: street + house or building number. apartment number (if applicable) city, state, country (if applicable)

What is Spain postal code?

Current postal code range of Spain

The current postal code (codigo postal) range of Spain (ES) is: 01001 – 52006. The lowest 5-digit postal code (01001) starts in Vitoria Gasteiz.

What do Spanish postcodes look like?

Spain Postcode

Spanish postal codes are formed of 5 digits. The first two digits define the province. They range from 01 to 50 for Zaragoza Álava. The numbers 51 and 52 are used for the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla and were added later.

What does S N means in address?

s/n (invariable) Abbreviation of sin número (“no number, unnumbered”) (used in postal addresses).

What is s/n In an address?

No Number. Explanation: You are right. S/N in an address in Spanish means that the house or building has no number.