What does Bola mean in Spanish slang?

What does bola mean slang?

My Mexican friends use “bola” to mean “confusion“.

What is bola called in English?

bola in American English

(ˈboulə) nounWord forms: plural -las (-ləz) 1. Also: bolas. a weapon consisting of two or more heavy balls secured to the ends of one or more strong cords, hurled by the indigenous people and gauchos of southern South America to entangle the legs of cattle and other animals.

What is SEPA La bola?

Sepa la bola is a Mexican expression which, translated literally into English, means “who knows the ball”.

What is Mambobola English?

English. mambobola. to flatter; to jest; to put someone on; Probably related with: Tagalog.

What does Bola mean on Reddit?

Best of Legal Advice (BOLA) ~ Meta discussion of r/legaladvice. r/bestoflegaladvice. All the greatest posts from /r/legaladvice and its sister subreddits in one location!

What does bolo mean on Instagram?

“Be on the Lookout” is the most common definition for BOLO on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. BOLO. Definition: Be on the Lookout.

What is Bola noun?

Noun. bola (plural bolas) A throwing weapon made of weights on the ends of a cord.

WHAT IS A bola weapon?

bola, also called Bolas, (Spanish: “balls”; from boleadoras), South American Indian weapon, primarily used for hunting, consisting of stone balls, usually in a group of three, attached to long, slender ropes. … Bolas were also used by the gauchos of Argentina and Uruguay to catch cattle.

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What does the word bulla mean?

1 : a hollow thin-walled rounded bony prominence. 2 : a large vesicle or blister — compare bleb. More from Merriam-Webster on bulla.