What classes do you need for a minor in Spanish?

What do I need to get a minor in Spanish?

Requirements: a) A minimum of 18 units in Spanish, at least 15 of which must be upper division and must include SPAN 300 Advanced Grammar and Composition (6); b) Students must file a Declaration of Minor and receive counseling from the undergraduate advisors. The minor in Spanish is available to any non-Spanish major.

Is a minor in Spanish useful?

The Spanish minor will be extremely valuable to any career where you are dealing with people, especially those from another country. Employers consider those who can speak another language (or who are just knowledgeable of anWorld Culture) as very valuable!

Can you minor in Spanish in college?

Choose a minor that is specifically designed to help you succeed professionally. Broaden your career horizons through courses on the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures for students who are majoring in business, education, or one of the health professions.

What is a minor in college in Spanish?

Generally, “concentración” is used for “major” and “concentración menor” is used for “minor”.

Is it a good idea to minor in a foreign language?

Taking language courses allows you to have a fun outlet aside from your core classes. It gets you involved in something different than just your major! … But through that hard work, you’ll find that learning a new language adds so much color and experience to your life that no other classes will.

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Can you teach Spanish with a minor?

The Process of Getting Your Spanish Teacher Certification

Typically, candidates seeking their certification get a degree in education, with a minor or focus in Spanish. … Participants will still need to take their respective tests in order to be qualified to teach.

Will majoring in a language make you fluent?

Although you can learn a lot with four years of college-level language instruction, it’s generally not enough to make you truly fluent in a language.

How much do Spanish majors make?

Spanish majors are the lowest paid, earning just $34,000 at the start of their careers and only reaching $65,900 by mid-career. Linguist/Interpreter: Salaries for this field vary widely, but according to the Dept. of Labor, the top 10% of interpreters can earn up to $86,000. Median starting salary is $51,650.

Can you minor in Spanish at USC?

Students pursuing the minor in Spanish open up future career opportunities and gain a competitive edge on the job market. … Students enrolled in the minor complete or place out of introductory (101-102) and intermediate Spanish (201-202).

What is a Spanish major?

Spanish majors learn how to speak, write, and read Spanish. … They study literature written in Spanish, including the literature of Latin America and Latino communities in the United States.