What are supermarkets called in Spain?

How many Mercadonas are in Spain?

Created in 1977 by the Cárnicas Roig Group, currently it has 1.648 stores across Spain and 20 in Portugal, and a staff of 95.000 employees who seek excellence, 1.700 of them in Portugal.

Is Lidl cheaper than Mercadona?

According to the OCU, “Mercadona is the cheapest option in half of the cities that were studied, but if there is an Alcampo in the city, Alcampo is usually the most economical choice.” Lidl is the chain that has most increased its prices, by 4.3%.

What are the biggest supermarkets in Spain?

Mercadona held the largest share of the grocery retail market in Spain for the 12 weeks to January 3rd, 2020 with 23.2 percent, followed by Carrefour with 8.8 percent. Mercadona has the largest share of the market, Carrefour’s net sales per store in Spain is the second highest in this sector.

What are supermarkets called in Spain?

When talking about Spain supermarkets, Spar, Dia, Masymas, and Mercadona surely come to mind. But in addition to these Spanish chains, you have the French hypermarket Carrefour and the German stores Aldi and Lidl.

Is Mercadona cheaper than Carrefour?

Mercadona and Eroski are the joint most expensive, with Carrefour and Superdino in the middle. Overall, Alcampo is the cheapest supermarket in 31 of the 65 towns and cities studied, whilst Mercadona is the most economical in 16 out of 65, making it the third-most affordable on the high street.

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Is Carrefour more expensive than Lidl?

They have a lowest price guarantee and set their prices in comparison with their cheapest rival, often Albert Heijn. … Colruyt shops near Albert Heijn are 22% more expensive than Lidl, Carrefour Hypermarkets are 39% dearer, while the figure for Delhaize is 52% more expensive than Lidl.

Is Lidl cheap Spain?

No matter the quality, Lidl is always among the cheapest markets in Spain. … Lidl will have what you need most in a very affordable price. So if you don’t mind quality that much, this is just for you.