Quick Answer: What time is it in Spanish slang?

How do you answer que hora es?

A qué hora vas a la oficina? When responding to these questions, the typical answer is just to say the time. Using A las/la hora y minutos de la mañana/tarde/noche.

How do you say at what time is it in Spanish?

¿A qué hora?

How do you ask what time something is in Spanish?

The most common and easiest way for asking time in Spanish is “¿Qué hora es?” This question means “What time is it?” in Spanish, but it is not a literal translation as we use the word HORA instead of TIEMPO. We may ask differently depending on the formality of the conversation.

What is up in Mexican slang?

And ¿qué onda? are questions you’ll hear all the time in Mexico. While they both mean ‘what’s up? ‘, ¿qué pedo? is perhaps slightly more accusative than ¿qué onda?, which is friendlier in tone.

How do you answer de donde es?

Pronounced: day-dohn-day-air-es. This phrase means “where are you from?” The correct response when somebody asks you “de donde eres” is “yo soy de [insert your answer].” Pronounced: yo-soy-day [insert your answer].

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How do you greet someone at 7pm in Spanish?

Buenos días / buenas noches

  1. Buenos días. Good morning. The literal translation of this phrase is “good day” but it is usually used until 12 in the afternoon.
  2. Buenas tardes. Good afternoon / Good evening. In most Spanish speaking countries, this greeting is used from 12pm to 8pm.
  3. Buenas noches. Good evening / Good night.

Is it correct to say at what time?

As user070221 notes, both sentences are commonly used in American English. In some formal speech and writing, “At what time” is more acceptable than “When” or “What time”, especially when “a precise point in time” is being requested.

What Time It Is vs What time is it?

The most common idiomatic phrase is “What time is it?” If you don’t have a specific reason to say something different, you should simply say, “What time is it?” “What’s the time?” is also correct, but maybe slightly less common. (“What is the time?” sounds slightly stilted and foreign to native speakers.)